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FINALLY wind !!!

FINALLY wind !!!

Yeeeeeah, good things come to those who wait, right? ..indeed, after my first days in W.A. had been totally windless, f i n a l l y  the wind came up and me and three mates decided to make the ‘virgin ride’ with my brandnew North equipment 2009 a truly memorable one 🙂 

So off we went in the coolest 4×4, offroad to a dream beach, that’s only accessible by heavy duty four wheel drive vehicles.  SICK, the beach absolutely stunning, the new gear even better and for the time of my session I have not even felt any pain of my SUP (stand up paddle board) injury from a couple of days ago, too stoked to ride out there in the turqoise blue waters of my beloved Indian Ocean 🙂 .. oh yeah, the fact that there’s quite a few white sharks around that beach due to a former whaling station just downwind could not influence the pure joy and happiness that I felt cruising along this mindblowing scenery with my brandnew Rebel 2009.

The kite’s performance is insane, can’t wait 4 more and to test it in some big swell that’s hopefully gonna hit soon !!  I’ll keep u updated 🙂  oh yeah, apologies for no action shots but as u might imagine, everyone was way to hungry to inhale the beauty here than to stay on the beach shooting 😉