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Mauritius Update

Mauritius Update

Well, folks, Mauritius, for me, truly is ‘paradise found’ … however, I don’t want to go too wild about it, cause there are already way more people here at my favorite spot than I would wish for 😉 yep, especially august brings a lot of italian tourists, mainly windsurfers and ‘le morne’ is one of the few spots in the world that I know, where windsurfers and kiters are using the same space – there is no partition between kitesurf- and windsurf area.

The wind’s been strong but gusty and the waves were for more than a week too big to go out!! yep, the pass has been completely closed and therefore it’s been way to dangerous to only attempt going in there. local’s here say, they’ve never seen ‘One-Eye’ that monstrously big!

amongst the highlights of my time here definitely count:- a huuuuge day at Manawa (outer reef, Le Morne) .. guess, perhaps the biggest waves, I’ve ever kited!!- a day without wind … surfing with a lonboard the absolutely world-class spot Tamarin Beach (soooo mich fun!!)- an incredibly cool day at the market (it’s wiiild) in the capital Port Luis