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No news by myself in more than 2 weeks….

No news by myself in more than 2 weeks….

S O R R Y … many apologies guys, I know, I’m a bad Gabi but believe me, it’s not leaziness or lack of motivation that I don’t put bloqs every couple of days. Nope, the main reasons are:

1) Generally every day many beauuuutiful things happen to me, however, those are pretty much always the same (just a little different): Gabi wakes up in paradise early in the morning, somewhere on a campsite in the outback of WA, normally because the wind that is picking up during the early morning hours, causes my tent to be really noisy, steps out of her masterbedroom (and only room as it’s a tent), gets a strong rush of happiness and feels privileged of living another day of this crazy life. Then a few cups of coffee (cooked on my campoven), after that either a session surfing or yoga, sometimes even both. Towards the afternoon the wind is usually picking up strong enough to go kitesurfing, thus 1 or 2 kitesession are on the afternoon-menu. Mhhhhhh, life couldn’t be more beautiful! In the evening people on the campsite usually come together, chat, laugh, enjoy good times. Often we make a fire and grill dinner. If not grilled, we cook on the camp-gasoven something tasty to satisfy tired bones and mind. We all love the feeling of positive exhaustion of the body after a good day in the water and early everyone puts tired bones to bed (or better: to matrasse…nobody has a bed in a tent, right!)…

2) it’s not that easy to always find an internet connection in the outback. most of the time internet access is rather scarce, often even impossible, and when one finds a connection, it’s not uncommon that is doesn’t work or that it’s suuuuper slow or somebody else using it or the shop is closed at the moment etc….

So, as u can see: I’m suuuuuper good 🙂 Currently I’m someplace north of Geralton, around the beautiful Shark Bay, an incredibly huge white sandy bay, dunes, turquoise water… u want me to stop? hehehehehehe, sooooo unreal everything here!!

Another thing that made (and still makes) my bloq-life extremely hard at the moment: the re-charger of my laptop suddenly stopped working. then a coupld of days later it worked again but only for like 10 mins. now it’s like on and off… perhaps it’s the humidity or simply old…not sure. perhaps it’s just chillin’ like it’s owner … hehehe, my laptop would deserve it, though, as all year, I’ve been busy typing every day on it!
Not only the laptop goes a little nuts here. A couple of days ago I went on a snorkeling-mission with my waterproof Pentax in order to catch some nice shots of the breathtaking reef and life submarine for u guys. Just a huuuge turtle crossed my way, I want to shoot and the display tells me: Memory Card Error. Me, back on the beach, checking the camera, somehow water got inside and… well, the Pentax is still hanging outside my tent in the sunlight with the hope that one day it will start workin’ again….

Need to find a new camera…grrrrr, loved my waterproof one….well, that’s life. Much worse things could happen and in the meantime I will use photos that mates of mine are taking….
Until soon (that’s NOT a promise but I will try .. that’s a promise!)
Yours Gabi