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Roadie down South

Roadie down South

The forecast for the next few days around my home-turf looked a bit miserable…. no wind, no waves….   Thus my man and I decided to throw our toys (kite, SUP, surf and windsurf), the swag, couple of chairs, fishing rods into the land cruiser, to stock up the car fridge with some food’n’ beers and to hit the road down south, yew, I  l o v e  road-trips 🙂 !!!

And the roadie-Gods did not let us down. We had a really fat time! Found quite a few amazing bays with nobody else around. At one with shiny white sand, crystal clear turquoise waters, wind, tiny waves (but better tiny waves than flat!), we set up camp on the beach and stayed for a night. The kiting was sick fun too! I was digging riding those little crystal cylinders with my North kiteboarding WAM and the Dice. Later on a bond-fire on the beach under the stars, with some fresh herrings that we caught after sailing, falling asleep to the sound of the waves…aaaaah, what can one ask for more?

In the morning I even got the chance to take out my brandnew Fanatic SUP Pro Wave LTD 8’10” for the very first time. I had an awesome time out in the beachie, though, have to admit, that morning it was bigger than the day before and I got mowed down by quite a few of the rather heavy beach-rollers 😉  As opposed to surfing, it’s not quite as easy to get through a heavy close-out with a SUP hanging off the end of your leash, hehehehe.

We did not meet a single other soul for two days. That’s what I love about WA so much: its vastness and its roughness. Hehehe, the roughness of the land showed itself as well on our way back home when we got the car seriously bogged in a swamp… it took a few hours to get it back out but that little incident made the roadie perfect 🙂


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