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Shit happens .. even in paradise!?

Shit happens .. even in paradise!?

yeah guys .. I actually wanted to write this update already yesterday – damn #$%^& it, why didn’t I ??? – however, didn’t get around doin’ it and now, I still can write, however unfortunately won’t be able to let you enjoy the beauty of the place that I’m currently at, as somebody broke into my house yesterday and stole my camera full with amazing shots!! :o(

I’m currently on the tiny but really unique and beautiful island ‘Caye Caulker’, in Belize, Central America. to come here wasn’t easy – it took me some 48 hours from vienna. a couple of planes, some buses through mexico and the watertaxi – but hey, it was definitely worth it!!

I’m visiting a dear mate of mine Dolfi”, who came here 2 years ago and has established himself on the island as ‘kiteman’. it’s very funny here on Caye Caulker. being a t r u e rasta-island, everone is named ‘mAn’ … everything is ‘ya maaan’, ‘cool man’… and people are named after what they are doing: so there is ‘cakeman’, who’s selling THE best cakes on earth – believe me, your grandma would be impressed too!! – fruitman, chickenman (doing grilled chicken on the streets) and and and … oh yeah, there’s ‘cakewoman’ too, giving cakeman a hard time atmosphere’ of the island were just so u n r e a l … so incredibly beautiful …

anyway, check out dolfi’s website at www.kitexplorer.comthere you’ll find pictures of the place and me, for my part, I will get back to you with news and hopefully some photos soon (once I find somebody willing to borrow me a cam!!?)

Ya man … take it easy for now and Jah bless!!gabi

At the time of transferring this post from the previous onto the brandnew, Kiteboarding.deĀ  already had published the article about my crazy trip to Caye Caulker in beautiful Belize! Simply click here in order to get re-directed to ‘Reise um die halbe Welt fuer ein lausiges Foto’ in my portfolio.