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Time to leave paradise ….

Time to leave paradise ….

well all good times come to an end, right? so did my time in paradise Belize 🙁 and i had to pack my bags just once again…. well, that’s the life of a kite-pro and that’s why every single moment at beautiful places needs to be appreciated and lived to the full!!

seriously dudes, I will miss this place .. Caye Caulker, Belize, was certainly one of THE most incredible little paradises that I’ve been to. wow, I will miss cruising around those turquoise waters, talking crioule with the local rastas, fish and grill my own dinner, perfect sunsets, and and and ….

At the time of transferring this post from the previous onto the brandnew, the following article already had been published about my crazy trip to Caye Caulker in beautiful Belize! Simply click here in order to get re-directed to ‘Reise um die halbe Welt fuer ein lausiges Foto’ in my portfolio.