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Trippin’ Japan

Trippin’ Japan

I’ve just lived some of the very best weeks of my life…

…in the Land of the Rising Sun!

Yeah, I feel truly lucky crisscrossing Japan and exploring this amazing country on my mission and ongoing search for new places to kitesurf. What I found simply blew me away…

Can’t tell you too much about my adventure just yet, however, it won’t be long till the article about my trip hits magazines all around the world!

Not only the story is a truly special one, so are the images. I had the please working with some serious masters in their field and the outcome speaks for itself. Stay tuned !!!

The photo for this blog a dear friend of mine took, yet another professional photo genius, whom I had the pleasure of working with on a trip to the Island of Gods, Bali, seven years ago: Marke Thorpe. I couldn’t believe when I bumped into him completely out of the blue in Okinawa, Japan, his new home. The world is such a small place 🙂 I love it! It wouldn’t happen, without the bug of traveling…