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When things don’t quite work out…

When things don’t quite work out…

Have u ever lost a car? Well, sounds weired, right! Me, for my part,  a l m o s t  did….

A few days ago, we planned a ‘day-out’ and decided to go up North. Like in many places here in Brazil, if one takes the ‘fast track’ via the beach, there might be rivers along the way, that are crossed by ‘ferry’. Depending on the size and natuer of the river, these ferries vary in size and construction.

That very day, things went very wrong and on driving the car onto the ferry in Camocim, a town about 1 hours drive from Jeri, both, the ferry driver and the car driver made a huuuge mistake .. and our truck almost sank with all our gear!!!

Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh, what a nerve-wrecking adventure :o)