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Our annual stint in the deepest Outback of Western Australia is going OFF !

Kiting, fishing, surfing…. man, I just looooooove camping 🙂

Most of you know of our big winter migration up North when the weather at home in Margaret River turns to gnarlyyy…. some of you might not. For those, here’s a super short summary:

It’s just me and my hubby Corey, a crazy Aussie Big Wave Windsurfer, yet, when you see the load, you would think it’s for a whole surf school or family of 20 hahahaha.

We drive a car each, I tow our tinny (as we catch our own fish) and he tows the trailer, all chock-a-block loaded up with stuff, plus about 20 boards (kiting, surfing, SUPing, foiling, windsurfing….) spread out on the roofs of the two cars and the trailer.

We set up an amazing camp right at the ocean, I call it the “Bush Taj Mahal”. you can find it in my Insta highlights right here, it’s like the perfect home: ocean views, a couch at the camp fire, chill out hammock, several board stables, everything is solar powered and sooooooo much more!

We gotta bring everything as the next town is about 200km away: fuel (about 200 litres for the boat and both our 4 wheel drives), drinking water (about 250 litres) etc.

Check out my Insta for stories and posts from our desert paradise.

Hope you’e having a good winter / summer if you’re in the northern hemisphere 🙂

Biiiiiiiig kangaroo hug,

Gabi xoxo