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andres hammount

Andres Hammount

Wavekiting at wind-, surfspot?

I would like to get into wavekiting. Close to where I live there’s a popular surf spot, which is usually crowded with pretty good surfers. When the wind picks up later in the day, the surfers usually leave and are replaced by some local windsurfers, however I have never seen any kitesurfer out there. Both, surfers and windsurfers love that spot which is a reef break that’s most of the time really pumping. Any tips for my first attempt today?

Wooow, hold your horses Andres!  In your description of the spot, what I’m really missing is the wind direction and sourrounding.  Perhaps there’s the most obvious reason as to why you have never seen any kitesurfer out there due to offshore winds or natural or constructed obstacles that cause rather ‘unkiteable’ conditions ??

Also I’m not quite clear whether this is your first attempt ever in wavekiting or whether you just haven’t been out at that very spot as yet?

Andres, wavekiting is the biggest fun and me personally I  l o v e  it more than any other facette of kiting, however, it requires a certain level and knowledge of the ocean, swell, and waves.   In order to go out at a hardcore wave-spot and given that for people who know what they’re doing the spot is safely kiteable (!!), you have to be at home in the ocean, with its currents, rips, undertows and sometimes big waves. I don’t just mean being good at swimming in a pool or kitesurfing on flat or choppy water, the ocean can be very unforgiving. I have seen lots of really good kitesurfers have to get rescued out in the surf. Please note:  often there ain’t any rescue (no boats, jetskis, …).  Thus, please build up your level in wave-kiting slowly at safe spots, best in some smaller beachbreak of light reef break with other kitesurfers and rescue-options around before you hit bigger and gnarlier waves.

Last but not least, please ensure, you understand and comply to surf etiquette (so the experienced wind-, kite-, and surfers in the line up don’t want to drown you), how to get into ‘your’ wave and how to ride it!

Take it easy, good things come to those who wait,  Gabi

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