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Best sponsor in d’world!

Best sponsor in d’world!

Woooooooooooooooooooow, I’m insanely stoked and feel so incredibly privileged, NORTH is without any doubt THE BEST sponsor on d’ planet 🙂 !

Yes, yes, yes…. although I’m currently right at the other side of the globe to Norths headoffice (in Germany and warehouse in Austria respectively) on a media-mission in a rather super remote area of Australia, the team behind the sickest brand out there is taking amazing care of me and put all the latest toys of Norths insaaaaaane 2011 product range into a container and shipped’em all the way “Downunder”… to Kitegabi who has been waiting with great anticipation for the new babies to arrive. Well, the waiting finally has come to an end –  JOY 🙂 !!!

This shipment has only been Part 1 of my 2011 gear, though, 4 now I simply cannot wait to get out into the water and test the brandnew Rebel 2011 as well as the Kontact 6’2 wave board and the Team-Series 135cm freestyle board…. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, the forecast looks very promising for wind & swell in a few days from now and I’m frothing to carve some tracks into the sweet waves that are about to hit the coast 🙂 !

Stay tuned for my review folks and you better go and get your hands on a brandnew North bar and kite yourself and your feet strapped into a 2011 North board, cause once you’ve been riding that gear you will see that there’s no other brand out there that can keep up with North in terms of performance, handling & quality and sooooo much more !

Have fun guys & please be safe in the water,
Yours Gabi