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The North Dice 2014

The North Dice 2014

Yew, guys, I want to tell the world: I’m head over heels in love with kiting….   yet again !!!

To me kiting has been my life-force, my pool of energy, that keeps me grounded through life’s highs & lows, my biggest passion, my best friend, my favorite thing to do in the world and so much more… it’s what I am living for ever since I started in 2002. How privileged am I to be able to say that of something in the first place (way too many people in this world don’t have any passion or something they truly dig with all their heart) and even more so to be able to say that of my profession! Yes, I’m a very lucky girl and I’m most grateful to my sponsors who enable me to be living this dream 🙂

Over these 11 years that I’ve been practicing this amazing sport there’s been many, many, many times where I just suddenly got those butterflies in my stomach, just like when I first felt the incredible feeling that rushes through the whole body when gliding over the water surface solely by the force of mother nature and a kite.

And right now, I’m feeling the butterflies so strongly again, it’s the most beautiful sensation!  I’ve just had my very first sessions on the brand-new North Dice, a new launch of kite-model and the latest edition to North’s comprehensive range of products. Don’t miss to check out the product clip on YouTube!

To me the Dice combines all the features that I seek for my style of riding and preferred conditions.

Based on a C-profile and with only 3-struts it’s incredibly responsive and extremely light. Its drift-capabilities in the waves and insane turning speed is what really got me. Turning on a dime and generating power so smoothly right when I want it, the Dice gives me an incredible confidence to go harder & deeper and really push the limits of my wave-riding. My home today is Western Australia which is known for its heavy and extremely powerful waves. With my Dice I’ve gone deeper during the last swell that hit the coast, than ever before!

I gave the kite a shot boosting airs, unhooking and pulling a few freestyle moves as well and I was truly amazed with its performance.

So far I have only ridden the kite with my North 5th Element bar, however, being optimized for 4-lines, I can’t wait to give it a go with the Quad-Control!

A revolutionary crossover kite combining the best of both worlds, I can’t wait for the next time the wind is blowing….
ALEA IACTA EST – The die is cast and I’m in love love love 🙂