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Joy waves in W.A.

Joy waves in W.A.

Shortly before boarding the airplane to grey, wintery Europe, I was praying for some last joy session in the mind-blowing waves of my beloved W.A…. and the Wind & Swell Gods answered my prayers 🙂   Thanx !!!

Yes yes yes, stoked, cause pretty decent swell rolled in with some sweet 20 knots, sunshine and I could go onto a wave Rock’n’Roll with my favourite kite and board, the 2010 Rebel 5m2 and Kontact 6’3 … mhhhhh, was so, soooooo good 🙂  !!

The brandnew 2010 North gear is truly S I C K and I will post detailed reviews and my personal opinion on the 2010 Rebel as well as NKB wave- and freestyle boards over the course of the coming week, thus stay tuned mates, ok !

A mate of mine came out with his camera to join us from the the jet-ski driven by yet another dear mate of mine Vincent, the founder & owner of Folklore Skateboards. The results of our united efforts can be found in the photogallery on the right hand side.

Have fun & catch u soon with my equipment reviews,