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Last stop: Florianopolis

Last stop: Florianopolis

It was very hard for me to say ‘Good Bye’ to my beloved Jericoacoara, where I spent the last couple of weeks training…

I finished off my time here with a photoshoot with Roberta Pala, Editor of Stance Italia, in order to share with you the great kitegrounds that Jericoacoara has to offer to us wind-addicts. Will keep you updated on when/where the story will be out!

To finish off my Brazil-trip, I followed the invite of a friend to Florianopolis, waaaaayyyy down south the coast… Yeah, definitely crazy as the trip from Jeri here took about 24 hours – I could have travelled to OZ in that time!!! – but nevermind, Florianopolis, apparently has THE most beautiful beaches of Brazil and some of the best surf on the planet – it’s the only location in Brazil that hosts a stop of the Surf World Tour and thus, has celebrities like Kelly Slater rockin’ the surf here!!

Thus, decided to just do it, pack my stuff and get back onto the road … good old kitegabi-nomad-style…

So, I’m here since 4 days… unfortunately haven’t been kiting yet as I got sick. Yeah man, biiig bummer … caught a really bad cold and am currently feeling totally dead. Nevermind, hoping to get better soon and out into the ocean. I even already sorted out a top photographer, so hopefully, will manage to get you a share of it all too!!