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On a mission

On a mission

Well well well…. it’s time 4 a new mission folks….  I can’t tell you much about it for the time being, other than:

It’s time to “Rock’n’Roll”  🙂

Yeah, Kitegabi is off to new adventures, new insane sessions, new experiences !

All my toys are packed, the greatest gear in the whole wide world, my North kites and boards as well as my Fanatic SUP- and surfboard and I can’t wait to explore new terrains with’em 🙂 .

Stay tuned and keep checking my blog 4 updates & news my dears!
….oh yeah, and in case that internet-access proves difficult, please don’t curse me for a bit of an online abscence, I will make up for it, biiig promise.

Have fun & Carpe Diem guys !

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