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Los Reyes del Mar

Los Reyes del Mar

The translation of the headline on the cover of ‘La Provincia’ from the 7th of August 2006: ‘The Kings of the Sea’.

Yet another cover for Kitegabi and my fellow stoked winners during the PKRA World Cup on Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, in 2006. The week at Rene Egli’s water sports-centre in Sotavento, in the South of the island, was crazy… not only the action on the water but actually some very unbelievable things that happened to me outside the clear blue waters of Fuerteventura. Check the content lines that I wrote to the ‘Krone’-feature from 07.08.06 for the full story…

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NAME : La Provincia

RELEASE DATE : August 2006


PHOTOGRAPHER : Roberto Foresti

CATEGORIES : event reports

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  • Los Reyes del Mar -> photo 1
  • Los Reyes del Mar -> photo 2
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