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Jericoacoara – Another new Spot (INTL.Version)

Jericoacoara – Another new Spot (INTL.Version)

Three competitions in three weeks, with a beautiful victory at the last one, the PKRA Team World in Flexeiras, Brazil, where I secured with the team ‘Rebel’ (together with Sean Farley from Mexico and ‘Pimpollo’ Viktor Adamo from Brazil) the trophy for the winning team.

Competition stress required some crucial chill period thereafter… So headed up North, to Jericoacoara, one of the most laid-back places on earth! Bulit in a national park behind enormous sand dunes, the village does not have any concrete roads, however, strong winds every day and even some nice little waves … oh, and of course true Brazilian vibes!

Out of the few days that I intended staying became nearly three months. Rocking the ‘Jeri-typical’ 30+ knots every day, suddenly a kite bigger than my 7m2 seemed huge.
Around Christmas time I had the pleasure of meeting Roberta Pala, a great photographer and editor of the Italian Stance Magazine. Check out our story and spot guide to hidden paradise!

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