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“Arabian Days”

“Arabian Days”

Once upon a time….    Sindbad the Sailor (Abu Ubaida ibn Abdullah ibn Qassim), his journeys are known all over the world. Today he would be a kitesurfer, that’s something I’m absolutely sure of!

Why I’m so sure of that: I’ve recently travelled to his home grounds and what I’ve found is sheer kite-perfection.

My trip to Oman in the United Arab Emirates has been absolutely amazing.

You can read the English version right here on the 10 pages that The Kiteboarder US Magazine published in it’s spring issue 2012. I worked together on this trip with Alan Norton, a truly awesome photographer and great guy, which was a great pleasure and I truly dig the photos he took.

The Kiteboarder Magazine is published in the United States and has its headoffice in California. Published in english and as one of top high profile magazines in the industry, I am super stoked about this beautiful feature. Check it out yourself! You can read it online, download or print it out. Simply scroll down and choose!

The German version has already been published in, check it out here and for the French and the Spanish, stay tuned folks, can’t be too long from now 🙂 .

Have fun & please send me your feedback, I always love to hear from you!

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AUTHOR : Gabi Steindl

PHOTOGRAPHER : Alaln Nortin, Katharina Kaehlin, Xylia Loubster,m Gabi Steindl

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