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“ArabischesLächeln” Oman, U.A.E.

“ArabischesLächeln” Oman, U.A.E.

“Arabisches Lächeln” translates in English into “Arabian Smile” and is my story about my trip to Oman, in the United Arab Emirates.   A country that is still very unknown for it’s great kiting conditions, however, it can’t be that long from now till it will get busy on the water here…  what I’ve found in this country blew my mind!

The exciting and eventful past of Oman has long been common knowledge, such as Sinbad the Sailor (Abu Ubaida ibn Abdullah ibn Qassim, Oman’s most famous son), the Incense Route and the Magi. The proud people and breathtaking landscapes behind these legends are still a closely guarded secret, though, well worth exploring.   In the extreme southeast of the Arabian Peninsula, the Sultanate captivates with wildly ragged high-altitude mountains (Jabal Shams, “the mountain of the sun”, is around 9800 feet high), deep canyons, idyllic oases, and widely spread plantations. The nearly endless stretch of amazing sandy and gravel deserts flows into a diverse rhythm of white sandy beaches and steep cliffs along the 1700m long coastline.

Sindbad the Sailor’s journeys are known all over the world. Today he would be a kitesurfer, that’s something I’m absolutely sure of!

Read about my journey to Sindbads home grounds in Germany’s leading kitesurf magazin on 10 pages, simply scroll down and choose either to read the article online, download, or to print it out.

Have fun!  … and watch out for the Spanish, English and French version that’s on the way soon to be published too 🙂 !

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RELEASE DATE : February 2012


AUTHOR : Gabi Steindl

CATEGORIES : travel stories

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