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Reflections in Green

Reflections in Green

Reflections in Green is the story about my return to the country where my life as “Kitegabi” had started… quite a long time ago 😉 In fact, 10 years ago!

This trip is my “Anniversary-Adventure”, to celebrate 10 years as professional kitesurfer and where else would it be more appropriate to do that than where it all started: Indonesia.

Whereas 10 years ago, I felt the amazing rush of a kite for the very first time on Sanur Beach in Bali, this time, I decided to fly to another island in the archipelago and to explore rather unknown territories and ride lonesome waves.

Top-surf photogrpaher Jason Wolcott, who is originally from the Stated, however, has decided to move base and today lives with his family in Bali was with me during this adventure. Let his images and my story in IKSURF, the leading international online kitesurfing magazine, speak for itself 🙂

You can read the article online right at the bottom of this page by clicking on the thumbnails of the pages or alternatively scroll through the back-issue in the archive of IKSURF  or download the pdf by pressing on the button below.

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