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illust_geo_1The work and achievements of the GEOVIAL perfectly complement my lifestyle towards holistic health as well as my continuous quest for staying on top of my game. GEOVITAL focuses on some truly indispensable aspects for achieving a state of overall health & well-being by maximising and optimising the time when the body does its best health restorative work…. SLEEP. Over their 30 years experience, two mayor factors have stood out as the KEYS THE REGENERATIVE SLEEP, namely: Radiation exposure and the mattresses that patients sleep on. GEOVITAL has therefore perfected its approach and, with the results of patients as the benchmark, offers:

Radiation Protection: shielding against or elimination of electronic pollution & excesses of natural radiation, as well as
Toxin-Free Health Mattresses, that are antistatic, metal-free and feature high aeration to the skin as well as stretch-effect for the spine.illust_geo_2

Both of these areas are in our society generally unfortunately seriously underestimated and overlooked. Even though especially the radiation exposure is gaining more and more attention in recent years, most people live under the misguided belief that their home, bedroom or health is not affected.

Our bodies are electrical miracles, relying on delicate electronic impulses and sensors…  Think how our world has changed over the last two decades – today we live in a digital age overloaded with electronic signals, an unrelenting assault of electronic pollution. Would you consider that to be beneficial to your health?

Electronicillust_geo_3 pollution or EMF (electromagnetic fields) pollution is a topic we all should explore and take seriously!  The damaging effect of EMF pollution has been scientifically linked to a myriad of illnesses and the optimise our health recovery we have to be even more vigilent in reducing our exposure during our key regenerative time… sleep.

Living radiation-free is in most cases easier to achieve than one would think. Different cultures are taking on this approach faster than others and we now even see the building industry starting to offer radiation-free homes.

As usual, profit hungry businesses get involved, but GEOVITAL maintains its patient focus and interest in long-term benefit and is therefore your best partner.

Through decades of research and working with experts, GEOVITAL Academy has developed a series of unique shielding solutions – creative strategies tailor-made to the individual’s situation and requirements to help living radiation-free.

Besides (and this is one area that I’m in particular highly excited about!) GEOVITAL has, under the brand PHYSIOLOGA, developed a natural health mattress that supports self-healing by physiological mechanisms in the mattress core and addresses logical health burdens you didn’t realise mattresses have,  a patented, extremely innovative and unique product that will change your life!

Check out GEOVITAL’s website for more information, research findings, and all the revolutionising implementations, home assessment or design services & products they offer!

illust_geo_4Also have a look and like GEOVITAL’s Youtube Channel, where there are incredibly interesting videos to be found, true “eye-openers”!

This video gives an overview of their Academy, typical radiation exposure found in 95% of bedrooms and in the second half explains their mattresses in detail.

I will be covering more information as to how you can improve your living-environment and ultimately your health in upcoming blogs and articles. Stay tuned!

I’m always here for any questions you might have.
Be safe & stay healthy,