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GEOVITAL – The Pioneers of Environmental Medicine

GEOVITAL – The Pioneers of Environmental Medicine

I am very excited to announce a new partnership!

As with immediate effect I will be collaborating with the GEOVITAL Academy for Radiation Protection & Environmental Medicine.

At first sight it might perhaps seem a slightly unusual company for the portfolio of a professional kitesurfer – an industry that is strongly dominated by sporting manufacturers, lifestyle goods, nutrition, fashion & accessory brands – however, looking closer, the synergies between GEOVITAL and myself, my sport and stresses on my body as well as my holistic approach to my health & well-being, become very evident.

Having been a professional sportswoman for the past 15 years, the importance that I attach to my body  – my “biggest asset” –  and physical well-being is immense. The right approach to my training and nutrition are only two aspects in the complex equation of how to achieve top performance levels as well as feeling in tune with my body & mind and making sure to withstand the high demands I place on myself, physically and mentally. Another incredibly important factor (which is unfortunately way too often overlooked!) is: REGENERATION & SLEEP. 

Please follow this link to read more into this crucial subject in my sponsor section!

If we think about how our world has changed in the last two decades – we live in a digital age overloaded with electronic signals – it doesn’t come as a surprise that from a medical perspective, chronic conditions & complaints as well as health-problems in general have skyrocket!

The connection between symptoms and causes are pretty evident and you would be rather shocked if you knew what you are exposed to every night in your bedroom – stopping you from regeneration and recovering properly.

The GEOVITAL academy has been addressing radiation problems since 1984 – focusing with great intensity on the cause and effect relationship between radiation exposure and its effects on health. In this time – over three decades of thorough research & hands-on experience! – GEOVITAL has developed their own technology and approach, which – unlike the majority of “common” approaches by medicine and other companies – treats the causes, not the symptoms!

I am highly exited and super stoked to have the privilege to work with GEOVITAL, which will enable me to address issues that I have not been able to address in the past and by that to enter a kind of “new age” for my personal well-being, training & recovery time – giving the very best back to my body (and ultimately mind as well) that I can! I know my body will be ever so grateful for it and reward me in way I could only have dreamt of till now 🙂 .

Thanks GEOVITAL !!!

I’ve only just finished an article on the importance of sleep with the title “SLEEP- A LEGAL PERFORMANCE ENHANCER”, please have a read, it provides a lot of very valuable information!

Also, please stay tuned for more articles on the healing powers of quality shut-eye & tips how to get more of it as well as ground-breaking facts & key insights into the subject of “Radiation Free Living”.

I’d love to help you to achieve your best health as well!
Gabi xx  …always here for you to answer your questions, love to get your feedback etc.