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Newbie to kiting – info on wetuits !?

Bruno Melmo

Newbie to kiting – info on wetuits !?

Ok I am a newbie to kitesurfing and need info about wetsuits, can you help?
I have recently started kitesurfing, I am still training and trying to learn all that I need to know before going to travel abroad to the spots that I’ve read so much about in magazines. For my trip, my friend told me I should invest in a wetsuit. Ok I wont lie I am fat 5’7 195lbs and I need to know what size to buy. Is it like shirts? Would I buy a XL since thats my shirt size??? What are the purposes of them besides keep you warm in the water?? And finally what brand would you recommend? I dont have much cash so I prob cant afford Quiksilver…?

My two cents Bruno:

Go to a surf shop to get the right fit and thickness for the water temps you are most likely to encounter. A new wetsuit will last for 10 years if it’s properly cared for. A few years back, I got caught in a big rip and ended up on the reef trying to save myself and my gear. When I got out of the water, I realized that the wetsuit had several cuts in the chest area as well as the back.  I was not injured. So, not only will the suit keep you warm, it will protect you from injury, and ward off the jelly fish.

With regards to budget:  I would rather invest a few cents more than less as you will notice the difference in quality of manufacturing and materials. A wetsuit that’s flexible where attention as been paid to the seams and material and consequently the comfort of wearing will certainly enhance your movability and joy of riding in one when u have to!

I would go for an ION, which is simply the best stuff you can get out there!   You’ll think of me, when you first hit the water in a wettie, ok…have fun during your trip & keep me updated!   Gabi

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