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One-for-all-conditions-kite-era, truth or lie ?

Peter Gruber

One-for-all-conditions-kite-era, truth or lie ?

I only have a 14m2 bow kite. My friends are going to Morocco this summer and I would like to join them. However, I’ve heard that it’s super windy there at this time of the year. I’ve been told my bow has an over-average wind range, thus, would think I can hold it in about 30 knots +. I have been kiting for a little less than 1 year and would consider myself as a good beginner to an intermediate kiter. What do you think?

My dear Peter.  Honestly, I think it would be a very bad idea to go to Morocco with your 14m2 bow as the only kite in your quiver whatever brand it is and no matter if it has an ‘over-average’ wind range.  What’s that supposed to mean in any case, cause over-average is rather subjective, right!?
Yes, Morocco has rather high winds during the summer months, the average strength during that time of the year will of course also still depend on where exactly your mates are going.  Nevertheless I strongly recommend you to either buy a second, smaller kite (depending on your weight, I reckon a 9m2 would be good) or to make sure your mates have a spare one for you or that there’s a kite-centre where you can rent one. Please in consideration of your own and fellow kiters safety do not overestimate the one-for-all-conditions-selling-line-era of many kites these days!

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