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How Kiting changed my Life

How Kiting changed my Life


As one of Duotone’s (previously under a different brand name) longest standing team riders, I wrote this article for the “Reflections”-section of The Kite Mag.

In it, I’m looking back on almost two decades of being a professional kitesurfer — how the sport changed my life and invaluable lessons I learnt along the way.

A question that somebody posed to me recently, prompted me to write this article: “How has Kiteboarding changed you life?”

For the sake of a short answer, I replied: “It changed my life into a journey on which I’ve been seeing more dreams come true than I ever could have wished for. A journey that confirmed to me that no matter what you dream of, you can achieve it.”

The truth though is: I could write a book about how kitesurfing has changed my life. My path in the sport taught me more about myself and the opportunities we are given in our time on this planet than any university or personal-development book ever could.

Read more about my journey in this article — enjoy!

Gabi xx

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