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Lessons from the Road less Travelled

Lessons from the Road less Travelled


I truly live and breathe for kitesurfing, my time on the water and most of all my explorer-trips to the most remote corners of our globe.

With more than 80 countries under my globetrotting freerider’s belt — and counting! — I wann do this until the rest of my days !!

Each adventure has taught me invaluable lessons and helped shape me into the person that I am today — the happiest, emotionally strongest and most fulfilled version of myself to this date. To me travel is an essential part in the pursuit of happiness and personal growth. In particular travelling solo will teach you more about yourself than any self-help book ever will. I never want to stop learning — I never want to stop travelling.

This double page article in Kiteworld, is a very short version of the original article, you can download it below or read online.

If you’re a German native, you’re lucky and you can read the full version here, Italian here or Spanish here.