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La Vita Di Un Esploratore

La Vita Di Un Esploratore


With more than 80 countries under my globetrotting freerider’s belt, my team manager recently asked me how much longer I’m planning travel the globe in search of new places to kite. Fair enough question, after all my sponsorship contract was up for renewal. Though, it got me thinking. Is there an expiry date to me dragging my quiver stacked with toys to the most remote corners of the planet? No, not in the near future anyway! I truly live and breathe for our sport and my explorer-trips. 

Each adventure has taught me invaluable lessons and helped shape me into the person that I am today—the happiest, emotionally strongest and most fulfilled version of myself to this date. To me travel is an essential part in the pursuit of happiness and personal growth. In particular travelling solo will teach you more about yourself than any self-help book ever will. I never want to stop learning – I never want to stop travelling. 

In this article I share 18 powerful life lessons from over two decades exploring the globe.

If you’re not an Italian native speaker, check out this article in German in or a short version of it in English in Kiteworld.