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‘She who is dancing with kites’

‘She who is dancing with kites’

…is the literal translation of this 6 page feature on Kitegabi, FINALLY!
6 years I had to wait for this acknowledgement in my home turfs prime media .. now bigger and more beautiful than I could have wished for: Kitegabi featured in Austria’s prestigious ‘Sportmagazin’.

The ‘Sportmagazin’ is Austria’s leading sports publication, a glossy magazine packed with national but of course also international sports news. Rather ‘typical’ for Austria, usually it’s mostly dedicated to sports for the masses – obviously, cause after all the majority of Austrians is into soccer, skiing, golf etc. shame on them but without any ocean, most poor souls haven’t had a chance yet to lick the salt and thrill of water sports!!!

However, in this year’s most important issue – July 2008 – due to the EURO, the European Championships in Soccer that were held in Austria and Switzerland, Kitegabi secured a dream feature: 6 pages about my crazy life, trips, my philosophies, and most of all new passion: big waves !!

Check out the whole article and download the pdf in my portfolio! Me, I’m super stoked 🙂

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