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Die mit dem Drachen tanzt

Die mit dem Drachen tanzt

‘She who is dancing with kites’, is the literal translation of this article. The ‘Sportmagazin’ is a beautifully glossy magazine and Austria’s leading sports publication. Published every month, it covers international and national sport-highlights and famous athletes. What a privilege this 6 page feature is!!

Yeah, certainly a very special article about my background and the drastic move that I took years ago, mutating from a successful business woman in Hong Kong into a kite-professional, my life philosophies, career-highlights and the dream that I live today. The photos originate from several mindblowing trips around the globe, Western Australia, Brazil, Russia, Portugal…. The feature is extremely funny written by one of Austria’s most reputable sport-journalists Dominic Marsano. As if the fact that the Sportmagazin dedicated such an impressive amount of pages to Kitegabi, is not already more than brilliant, the editor also decided to so in the most important issue of 2008 (the ‘European Championship-Soccer Special’ that took place in Austria and Switzerland) for me personally as an athlete a great achievement! Check out the pdf, you’ll love it, I’m sure!

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NAME : Sportmagazin

RELEASE DATE : July 2008


AUTHOR : Dominic Marsano

PHOTOGRAPHER : Ian Trafford, Roberta Pala, Pedro Silva, Andrej Rybchinski

CATEGORIES : itvs & portraits

TAGS : , , , , , , , , , ,

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