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1001 Waves

1001 Waves

It’s a great pleasure and real honour to be featured in Austria’s premier sports publication, the highly prestigious “Sportmagazin”.

Monthly published the Sportmagazine covers the highlights of sporting events and top-athletes all around the globe. The June issue is packed with intersting features and absolutely breathtaking photos.  I’m super stoked to be part of it, besides soccer legend Christiano Ronaldo, updates in the Olympia countdown, car racings “Triple Crown” and many more breaking news, interviews, and interesting articles about international sporting news and stars!

“1001 Waves” is the title of my article about my adventure to Oman in the United Arab Emirates. Photographed by Alan Norton, a truly amazing photographer and great guy, this journey certainly counts as one of the highlights in my entire career.

You can download the full article below, read it online or print it out, all up to you! Just simply scroll down and choose. Or alternatively check out the digital version right here!   To go directly to my feature just click here.

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NAME : Sportmagazin

RELEASE DATE : June 2012


AUTHOR : Gabi Steindl

PHOTOGRAPHER : Alan Norton, Katharina Kaehlin, Gabi Steindl

CATEGORIES : travel stories

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