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New Updates in my Publications-Portfolio

New Updates in my Publications-Portfolio

FINALLY  –  sooooorry about the delay guys !!!  –    I’ve gotten around to update my Media-Portfolio,  stoked 🙂  .

Yes, 2010 without a doubt represents my strongest year so far in terms of media-exposure and it’s really beautiful to see that every season  my efforts of always trying to find new, yet rather undiscovered kitespots, which I portray in my articles and photos together with my progession and fierce will of always pushing the limits of waveriding an edge further, is being acknowledged and truly appreciated by magazines + readers all around the globe !

I would like to take this opportunity to say  “MANY THANX  for your continuous support folks, really appreciated 🙂 ” !

There’s loads of new interesting articles –    technical features that are aimed at helping to boost your level,  just like spot-guides and trip-stories about yet unknown kitesurf-destinations, and much more !!   –     for you to be found in my portfolio, ALL of them available to read directly online or even saved as pdf onto your computer.

Check out for example my amaaazine once-in-a-lifetime-trip to Papua New Guinea on 9 pages in the German magazine or the COVER shot “Kitegabi on Fire“, when I jumped over a burning raft at the Prosurf Extreme Charity competition in Kenya at night.

Also there’s a super interesting “How to get into Waveriding”-feature as well as my New Zealand-Story Part 2 (North island, Part 1 about the South island was published in 2009) in English, my trip-story with a detailed spot-guide on Kiwi-Land-Kitesurf-Paradise 🙂 !

If your mother tongue is Spanish, how about a good read on the  “Best and Worst of being a Kite-Pro” in the Spanish Surf a Vela magazine.

Not to forget to mention my brandnew column “Wave of Life” in Austrias leading lifestyle magazine for women: “Für Mich”-MagazineAfter a big opening feature, a smaller one made up the second episode of it and the next one is being published as we speak on biiiiiiiig-spread about my trip to Papua New Guinea, stay tuned for that one !

A 4-page portray in Germanys leading sports, health & fitness magazine Fit 4 Fun and so much more guys, just check it out yourself and cruise around the published features of previous seasons as well. Most of my articles are totally timeless, I try to pack as much interesting infos as possible into them supported by the very sickest photos 🙂 .

Have fun guys & I would be stoked about your feedback!
Please feel free to email me anytime with any queries or questions, I love talking about my biggest passion and am super keen on helping you in any way that I can.
Catch you soon,