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“Wave of Life”: Letter from W.A.

“Wave of Life”: Letter from W.A.

This is the first letter as part of my brandnew column “Wave of Life” in Austria’s No.1 women & lifestyle magazine: “Für Mich”.

In my column “Wave of Life” with the subtitel “Briefe aus aller Welt” (which translates into English as  “Letters from around the World”), I will be sending letters from all my adventures, trips, photoshoots, media-projects… to the readers of “Für Mich”, in which I strive to encourage to a bit of adventure, daring and mainly: to make yourself happy &  live and especially to feel to live, it’s magic  !!

Little travel anecdotes, personal wisdoms, inspiring acquaintances and much more… obviously supported by matching photos… yep, that’s the short version of what my column “Wave of Life” is about.

After a 5 page opening-feature last month, this is the first letter that I’m sending from Western Australia, my home away from home. The essence of the letter, which incoporates a quote of my favourite author Paulo Coelho out of his “Warrior of the Light”, a MUST-read for everyone who wants to become a happier person  🙂  is to  “not forgetting to sometimes being a child again” !

My letter focuses on the fact that we forget way too many times to enjoy, to just play like kids, to laugh and be a bit silly… to simply have fun withouth any worries of tomorrow or the past.  The Australians are pretty good in that, and that’s the essence of this letter.

In this spirit: Go out there, laugh, play, dance, be silly and get the shining back into your eyes, that might have been gone lost a long, long time ago…

Life  IS  beautiful & magic as long as u keep smiling 🙂 !!!

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NAME : "für Mich"

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