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Fit 4 Fun: “Wavequeen Gabi Steindl”

Fit 4 Fun: “Wavequeen Gabi Steindl”

This feature written by Tobias Hatje certainly counts amongst the absolute media-highlights of my career. I feel proud and very honoured…

Already back in my golden teenager-years  –  only like 3 years ago 😉 …  –   I loved reading the well renowned german magazine “Fit 4 Fun”, which is in my opinion THE only health & fitness publication on the market with style and really useful articles on fitness, nutrition, health, body, mind & soul… and of course as the name already reveals: FUN!

So yeah, I’ve been a fan of the mag for a long, long time… that’s why I feel even more stoked about this beautiful feature in the June issue of the magazine that Fit 4 Fun-editor Tobias Hatje put together, about Kitegabi, the “Kite-Queen” as he refers to me  – thanx Tobias 🙂 ! –   of wavekiting.

Supported by some sick photos, this article represents without a doubt a highlight in my media-portfolio and I feel really honoured receiving 4 pages in this well renowned publication.

Check out the article right here online simply by clicking on the download button below or save it onto your computer.

Enjoy folks & would luv 2 get your feedback!
Yours Gabi

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NAME : Fit For Fun



AUTHOR : Hatje Tobias

CATEGORIES : itvs & portraits

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  • Fit 4 Fun: “Wavequeen Gabi Steindl” -> photo 1
  • Fit 4 Fun: “Wavequeen Gabi Steindl” -> photo 2
  • Fit 4 Fun: “Wavequeen Gabi Steindl” -> photo 3
  • Fit 4 Fun: “Wavequeen Gabi Steindl” -> photo 4
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