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Unikat Magazin AUT

Unikat Magazin AUT

“Life is not a rehearsal”, that’s the title of this feature according to my motto in life, written by Anja Egger, editor of Austrias UNIKAT Magazin, a scene & lifestyle publication from Graz, Steiermark, a beautiful region in my home country Austria¬† ūüôā

Anja Egger contacted me via my website enquiring whether I would be up for an interview as she would like to publish a portrait of myself and about my rather unusual path in life¬† –¬† from international business in London and Hong Kong to a career as kitesurf-professional…¬† “OF COURSE I’ld be up for that”¬† I replied!

Read here a sweet summary about that drastic move that I took a bit more than 8 years ago now and which I have never regret. Today I am living my own childhood-dream and that’s the most beautiful real-life case study and proof that one can achieve¬† a n y t h i n g¬† in life as long as one¬† r e a l l y¬† wants it, has the guts to go for it no matter what it takes… dream – believe – commit, that’s the formula !!

Besides Anja asked me about my focus in the sport today:  wavekitesurfing and exploring new kitesurf-destination and additional questions on a number of interesting topics on how to start getting into kitesurfing, girls and the sport etc.

Have a read either right here online simply by clicking on the download button below or alternatively you can also save the pdf onto your computer!

Have fun  Gxx

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NAME : Unikat Magazin

RELEASE DATE : June 2010


AUTHOR : Anja Egger

CATEGORIES : itvs & portraits

TAGS : , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

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