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Kitegabi in HEUTE

Kitegabi in HEUTE

Stoked !!

During my last visit to my home turf Vienna (Austria), I sat down with Martin Huber, an editorial journalist of one of Austria’s biggest daily newspapers: Heute Zeitung. We met up in a Viennese café for an interview and had a really cool chit chat. Martin Huber also brought along one of the photographers of the newspaper, Helmut Graf, who was in charge of taking some shots during our meeting.

Heute is one of the most popular daily papers in Austria. With over 820.000 readers, and those number constantly increasing, I feel pretty honoured about this 2 page feature which Martin Huber affectionately titled  “I play with my Ocean” 🙂 .

Martin was particularily interested in the pros & cons of living my dream today, after my drastic move from a successful career in the skyscrapers of Hong Kong and London to the life of a kitesurf-professional and what my life today is all about.

Check it out guys, you can read the article either online or download and print out the pdf, as you like.  Simply scroll down and select!

Oh yeah, last but not least, also check out the BLOG that I wrote about this really cool interview at a traditional Viennese Cafe. Martin, Helmut and myself had some really good fun…hehehehehe and did a very spontaneous shoot on the spot once we left the place….

Have fun & Carpe Diem  Gxx

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NAME : Heute

RELEASE DATE : November 2010


AUTHOR : Martin Huber

CATEGORIES : itvs & portraits


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