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Schöne neue Welt !

Schöne neue Welt !

Austrias daily newspaper No.1, DER KURIER, publishes every saturday a beautifully glossy and highly interesting weekend-supplement, the “Kurier FREIZEIT”.

With a readership of 600.000 +, I’m very stoked with this feature from 6th March 2010 (with the cutest dolphines on the cover).

Editor Barbara Reiter interviewed me about my very personal dream that I live today and my recent once-in-a-lifetime-trip to Papua New Guinea, supported with photos shot by Jason Pini.

For several weeks the Kurier FREIZEIT featured all different kinds of Austrian personalities in a series with the title “Wenn Träume wahr werden” (literally translated into english:  “when dreams come true”), this weekend it’s an honour and great pleasure that they interviewed Kitegabi about her life, the dream she lives today and the amazing adventure in papua New Guinea that I just experienced 🙂

Have fun reading the article either right here online (just click on the download button below!) or alternatively feel free to save it onto your computer.

Enjoy 🙂  !

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NAME : Kurier Freizeit

RELEASE DATE : March 2010


AUTHOR : Barbara Reiter


CATEGORIES : itvs & portraits

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  • Schöne neue Welt ! -> photo 1
  • Schöne neue Welt ! -> photo 2
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