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Red Bull Competition Dubai

Red Bull Competition Dubai

Great victory for Kitegabi at the Red Bull King of the Air Qualifier in Dubai. I succeeded in winning both disciplines: Freestyle & Race!

Yeah, although the wind was extremely light for the whole duration of the event, I fought like a lion and my efforts paid off. In the freestyle, although being on a huge kite (16m2) I secured the first place over Sandrine Maunier (Naish) from France. The race will always have a special place in my memory as it was held on Dubai’s “Palm”, the constructed island in the shape of a plamtree. Competitors were taken by boat to one of the outer ‘leaves’ and had to sail back as fast as they can to the main beach. Well….Kitegabi was first to arrive, nice! Double victory at a very special kitesurfing-location, what more could I have wished for?

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NAME : Al Khaleej

RELEASE DATE : March 2004


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