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La Australia de la Gabi

La Australia de la Gabi


Whereas I normally travel to still undiscovered, new kiting-grounds, this time I had Axel Reese, an amazing photographer and good friend coming all the way from Germany over to WA to report about my life here Down Under!

My husband Corey and I were super pleased to welcoming Axel to Margaret River, having him stay with us and to show him the area and how we live.

Read about our life that’s dedicated and dictated by the Ocean in this article published in Surf a Vela magazine with the title “La Australia de Gabi Steindl”.

Welcome to my world 🙂 !

Read the full article either online right here or download it onto your device as pdf.

If Spanish is not your mother tongue, you can also read my “Home-Story” in German in right here! 

Enjoy guys & please send me your feedback, I’m always stoked to hearing from you!


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NAME : Surf A Vela

RELEASE DATE : June 2014


CATEGORIES : itvs & portraits

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  • La Australia de la Gabi -> photo 1
  • La Australia de la Gabi -> photo 2
  • La Australia de la Gabi -> photo 3
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