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Vom Fliegen und der Freiheit

Vom Fliegen und der Freiheit

Portrait about ‘Kitegabi’ on the occasion of the PKRA World Cup at the Lake Neusiedl in Podersdorf, Austria in 2005. As there was no wind during the first days of the event, the reporter took the opportunity to write a feature about me leaving my life as a career-woman in international business-metropolis’ London and Hong Kong in order to follow my dreams. It’s about freedom and the joy of flying kites.

I remember the World Cup in Podersdorf 2005 well. After days on standby due to the rather common lack of wind that the World Cup organisation and competitors usually have to deal with during the event (the typical ‘competition-dilemma’ as I call it), the wind came up. I finished fourth in the single elimination, however, unfortunately in the double had to take a step back, thus final result: 5th, not too bad after all!

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NAME : Wiener Zeitung



AUTHOR : Niki Strecha

PHOTOGRAPHER : Karolina Barinova

CATEGORIES : event reports, itvs & portraits

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