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KIA advertisment

KIA advertisment

Oh my God, I still remember the ‘Kitegabi Automobil’ like it’s downstairs standing in my garage. It was THE most perfect car e v e r!! Pure luxury, leather seats (of course heated for cooler days), high-tech stereo, all automatic, lots-a-horepowerds and above all: massive space!

Yep in the year that I had the pleasure of having KIA as a partner I travelled 35.000kms .. hihihi, yeah, took out all the seats in the back, installed a bed, below I had more than enough storing space for my gear and off I went. Straight after the PKRA World Cup in Austria, I hit the road and travelled all the way to Belgium for the next stop of the World Tour and further to Southern Spain, Tarifa… I even passed by in Monte Carlo and parked the kitegabi automobile right outside the central casino, where it was in good company with Ferraris, Maseratis and Royce Royces! Sick car, will never forget those times.

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NAME : Kia Brochure

RELEASE DATE : June 2004

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