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Mythos Kiteprofi

Mythos Kiteprofi

The life of a kitesurf-professional – my first article as part of my column ‘Kite & the Planet’ in the German kiteboarding magazine Kite & the Planet is a series of features around my exciting life in the pro-scene in which I write about trips, event reports, interviews and more!

In this issue: ‘…and what do you do for living’, a perfectly normal question in everyday life, correct? Pretty much every time that I answer that question with “ I’m a kitesurf-professional’ people’s eyes get big, they look at me like ‘…mh, what is she on about’ and I usually get a reply around these lines “WOW, so you get paid to go kitesurfing, you’re so lucky”.

YES, I definitely consider myself lucky, however, luck plays only a tiny fraction in the how-to-become-a-kitepro-and-live-your-dreams-calculation, the other parts are sheer determination, persistency, talent, and commitment. I wrote this article for all the people who truly believe that kitesurf-professionals get paid to simply go kitesurfing, just like any top-model gets picked up on the street and directly brought to the catwalks of Paris, Milano and New York…

Raising and examining the most common clichés around the life of a pro, not everything in this article should be taken deadly serious !!

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AUTHOR : Gabi Steindl

PHOTOGRAPHER : Steven Whitesell, Garance Mac Keene

CATEGORIES : personal column, various

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