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“Wave of Life”: Myth Kite-Pro Part 2

“Wave of Life”: Myth Kite-Pro Part 2

As part of my personal column with the title “Wave of Life – Letters from around the World” in Austria’s leading Women & Lifestyle-Magazine “Für Mich”, I’m sending each month a letter to the readers, in which I’m reporting from my trips and adventurous travels that take me all year to super exciting destinations all around our beautiful planet.

This is the second Part of my Letter No.10 which I dedicated to all the myths around the life of a kitesurf-professional. Nearly every day I get the “Oh wow, so you besically get paid to laze around the beach and to go kiting when the wind kicks in” or “wow, lucky you, a life-long holiday, isn’t it” or “so, do you actually also need to work?” and and and…

Surviving as a kite-pro and making a career in this industry is so different than what most people preceive it to be.  Find out more in this article 🙂 !

As there’s so many myths and clichés this article was split into two parts.
Check out Part 1 that already was published in the May issue of Für Mich. And for Part 2 simply scroll down and you can read the article online, download, save, or print it, all possible and just a click away guys. Find the download button below, simply select and off you go.

Have fun & please send me your feedback, always stoked to hear from you,

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NAME : Für Mich

RELEASE DATE : June 2011


CATEGORIES : personal column

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