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A definite guide to Mexico

A definite guide to Mexico

I was sitting in an overland bus heading to Cancun (Mexico) after a few intense weeks of ‘hardcore spring training’ in Belize, Central America (there are no flights from Belize to Europe, so had to go via Mexico) on my way back home to Europe as ‘Gustavo’ (a funny Mexican dude who I have met years ago, during my first year of competing in the World Cup) popped up in my had. It’s been ages since I last heard from him, nevertheless, when I stopped in the ancient town Tulum, east coast Yucatan peninsula, I sent him a quick email.

I could not remember where in Mexico Gustavo was living, he’d possibly even left Mexico or perhaps he’d turned into a serious career-person and was spending his days working like a maniac in smoggy Mexico City…. I was curious, however doubted to get a reply as I wasn’t even sure whether the email that I had saved on my laptop, was still valid.

…as you might have guess, Gustavo replied immediately and that’s where the Mexico-story (that has never been ‘ in the plan’, once again, I was actually on my way back to Europe after a few weeks in Belize) starts… a super crazy trip, jelly fish attack, paragliding with a world champ, so many new impressions, friends, fun & sick sessions, a true highlight of my kite-nomad-life! On top of it: I fell in love during this journey, yeeeah suddenly he was there at the beach, tall, strong, dark, in fact very dark and hairy. There’s a picture of my love in the article!!

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NAME : Kitesurf Uk Magazine

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AUTHOR : Gabi Steindl

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