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Anapa, Russia

Anapa, Russia

Text : ‘Guess what’, ‘what’, ‘I’m going on a trip with a photographer to a super tropical destination’, ‘oh yeah, cool, where are you off to?’, ‘guess’…’mh, c’mon, that’s too hard, I mean you travel always to the most breathtaking places, so tell me, where r u going?’, ‘Russia!’
‘Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat, what da he§% ??? what are you doing there?’, ‘well, my job, I go kitesurfing!’

Hehehehe, yeah, people declared me just once again as pretty nuts when I came up with the idea of checking out Russia as kitegrounds but that hasn’t stopped me in the past from my ventures either, thus I booked myself a ticket and flew off … with 50kg of kitesurf equipment in the quiver … destination airport: Moscow, that’s where the story started. An unreal trip!

During my trip that took me many thousands of kilometres from Moscow all the way to the South and back up to St. Petersburg, I met the folks of, a lovely bunch and we enjoyed some really unforgettable sessions in Anapa together!

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NAME : Wave Magazine

RELEASE DATE : April 2007


PHOTOGRAPHER : Andrej Rybchinski

CATEGORIES : spot guides

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