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Exploring Russia

Exploring Russia

First issue of a brandnew magazine:  GirLand, as the name already gives away it’s all about Girls and Action!

Obviously that Kitegabi had a part in that premier issue with a special trip that will always have a unique place in my heart, my trip to Russia in 2007.

Passionate about riding new spots, exploring yet to me unknown countries and people, diving into different cultures, sharing the pure joy of kitesurfing with kindred mates all around the world no matter their background, age or mother tongue and spreading this energy all around, that’s what I love most and my definition of the true freeride spirit.

Out-and-out freeriders are always in search of new adventures, often they are even pioneers in their travels … me, I would consider myself as an idealistic, pretty brave freerider, traveling about 300 days a year usually on my own in the quest for all the excitments that are directly connected to travel that this wonderful planet has on offer!

Check out my adventures in Russia, an hilarious and very special trip in my career, read the pdf & enjoy!

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NAME : Girl Land

RELEASE DATE : June 2008


AUTHOR : Gabi Steindl

PHOTOGRAPHER : Andrej Rybchinski

CATEGORIES : spot guides, travel stories

TAGS : , , , , , ,

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