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Yew, after my trip to Papua New Guinea has been published in kitesurf-, travel-, and lifestyle magazines all across the world, I’m super stoked to see it published now as well in Papua New Guineas Airlines Inflight Magazine “Our Way”.

My adventure that consisted of three parts (Port Moresby, Trobriand Islands and Hula Village) in this magic country has been the very highlight of my entire career.

Thanks to Jason Pini, my incredible host and also photographer of the journey, who lives with his lovely family in PNG this once-in-a-lifetime trip has been captured in truly mind-blowingly beautiful photos.

Check out the article in “Our Way” , you can read it online, download or print it out!  Alternatively check out some of the other published article in English on 8 pages in Kiteworld Mag, in French in The Kiteboarder, in German on 10 pages in or in Spanish in Surf a Vela.

Have fun & Carpe Diem!

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NAME : Airlines Png "our Way"



AUTHOR : Gabi Steindl

PHOTOGRAPHER : Jason Pini, Gabi Steindl

CATEGORIES : travel stories

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