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Land of Ahhhhs

Land of Ahhhhs

Having been travelling by car for more than 3 months along the mindblowing coast of Western Australia, I was sure, I’ve pretty much seen it all. How wrong I was!

During a roadie with Kiwi-photographer Ian Trafford, that concluded my joyride W.A., we followed the advice of some locals to check out the Cape Le Grande National Park on the Southern Coast of W.A. and to search for ‘Lucky Bay’.  I remember like it was yesterday, cruising along in a 6 cylinder station wagon, when we suddenly spotted the whitest beach and the most pristine water … that must be it, how lucky we are!

The fact that a couple of years ago a surfer was taken by a white shark whilst catching the crystal clear, see-through waves here,  couldn’t stop me.  When the kangaroo decided to chill out right in front of Ian’s lens during one of the shoots, we certainly hit the jackpot in ‘Lucky Bay’

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