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Taiwan – Hawaii of Asia

Taiwan – Hawaii of Asia

Researching the globe for a new destination for my next explorer-mission, I was astounded to discover that Taiwan lies pretty much exactly on the same latitude as Hawaii.  With surf hitting from a 225° swell window it seemed absolutely blessed with promising conditions for wave-addicts and conditions all year-round! So I picked up the phone, booked myself a ticket and packed the quiver bag…

It was already gone midnight, when I arrived at Taipeii, Taiwan’s capital. Despite the hour I was warmly welcomed in the arrvial hall of Taoyuan International airport by the country’s “Godfather of SUP’ing” Tony Fish and his wife Li-Ming as well as their two small children Sean and Dora. Tony has been windsurfing for most of his life and was one of the first to bring SUP boards into Taiwan. A true waterman, he also kites and surfs and is the owner of the “Spotclub” – in Chunan, Miao-Li province, on the west coast, Taiwan’s only little kite, wind, surf, SUP school (shop, board rentals, lessons, trip packages, B&B and café).

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