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Tasmania – La Tierra de Van Diemen

Tasmania – La Tierra de Van Diemen

Exploring Tasmania aka Van Diemen’s Land has always been a dream of mine…

And dreams are meant to be turned into reality 🙂 !!

My adventure starts in Hobart in late January where I am warmly welcomed by Joanna and Rob, owners of Tassie Motor Shacks – Their company slogan “Life’s a Beach in a Tassie Motor Shack” appealed to me big time and certainly does their operation full justice. My set of wheels, a flash 4 people van, with a super cosy sleeping compartment on top (my ”penthouse”), was my castle and the most perfect mobile home I could only have wished for. I named it “Zeehaen” in memory of Abel Tasman’s ship. Looking at my huge mountain of gear (80kgs: 2 surfboards, 3 kiteboards, 4 kites, accessories & spareparts), Rob immediately got the drill out and I had an additional ‘hanging-boardrack’ in no-time that would make my life in the van a lot more comfortable. I glanced at him with a big grin of anticipation. Pulling out of the camper van depot and turning into the main street, that had the name “Surf Road”, that grin turned into a massive smile…

I could be writing a book about all the adventures that I lived during the 7200kms that I cruised all around Tassie 🙂

Read the full story right here, in Spanish in Surf a Vela Magazine, simply scroll down and click “Download PDF”, you can save the document to your computer or read directly online!

If Spanish isn’t your native language, don’t despair! Here’s the German version on 10.5 pages in, the French on 10 pages in Kiteboarder Mag and the English on 10 pages in Kiteworld, have fun !
Gabi x

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