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Trip New Zealand !

Trip New Zealand !

There’s no doubt, that the expression “The last Paradise” perfectly fits to New Zealand.

This amazing piece of world is also known as the “Country of the Long White Cloud” and is one of  THE most beautiful places that I’ve ever been privileged to visit !

I drove in a Camper Van almost 12.000 kms, pretty much once around the South Island and once around the North Island. Initially I was only meant to stay for 5 weeks…  hehehehehe, I extended my ticket several times. Kiwi-land is simply too-an-amazing-place to leave too soon 🙂

Many articles have already been published about this dream-trip to New Zealand. This one in the Italian Magazine “GirLand” I titled “New Zealand – A LOVE TRIBUTE”. You can either read the article right here online, or alternatively print it out and save the pdf onto your computer. Simply scroll down and select what you would like to do!

If you would prefer to read the article in German or English, check it out here:
in German, Part 1 (South Island) in as well as Part 2 (North Island)
or if you’ld prefer in English, Part 1 (South Island) in Kitesurf Mag UK as well as Part 2 (North Island).

Have fun & please feel free anytime to send me your feedback guys !
Yours Gabi

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